Downhole Survey Solutions - Teledrift

WDI | Prodrift X | Proshot X | Teleshot
Kasab has commitment to provide best solutions by providing advanced technologies, For this purpose it uses very effective WDI, ProShot and ProDrift MWD tools. These fully digital, positive pulse Measurement While Drilling tools utilize the state-of-the-art technology to provide inclination and azimuth(ProShot), or inclination only (ProDrift) in real time, on-demand format. The ProShot and ProDrift MWD are designed to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the operator’s overall drilling costs.

The MWD tools have applications in the current vertical well markets as:
• Inclination and azimuth survey tools.
• Monitoring tools in the straight hole erformance motor drilling market.
• Transmittable survey tools behind rotary drilling tools.
• Less expensive alternative to full-kit MWD tools when toolface updates are not required.

Downhole Gauges - Pioneer Petrotech Services

Downhole Measurement Gauges | Memory gauges | SRO/Permanent Gauges | Network Accessible | Surface Monitoring
Kasab provides high quality downhole pressure and temperature gauges, surface data loggers, permanent downhole gauges, geothermal logging tools, and measurement while drilling (MWD) tools. It also offers project design, management and on-site installation services .

Drill Bits - Best Diamond Bit

Drill Bit | Coring Bit | Special Bit Tool
Our partner design and manufacture high quality PDC bits for various drilling applications.
Product series classified by cutting elements covers PDC bits, TSP bits, Natural diamond bits, Impregnated diamond bits. Product series classified by purpose covers diamond drill bits, coring bits, bi-center bits and reaming tools while drilling.
Size of various bits and special tools covers from 3 ½” to 26’’, includes standard size and nonstandard size. By using 3 BTM Technology, BESTBIT provides various products with excellent quality and performance to our customers and has a good reputation in petroleum industry.