CESI Chemicals

Complex Nano-Fluid™ Technology Suite

Offers a Full Spectrum of Specialty Chemicals for Stimulation (Acidizing and Fracturing) and Cementing.
•Drilling – Minimize drilling damage with water based fluids.
•Acidizing – Increases acid penetration efficiency, improved cleanup and increased production.
•Fracturing – Fracture cleanup is increased resulting in higher relative perm to hydrocarbon, reduced surface tension and 50 to 100% higher.

•Polymer emulsion cleanup
•Injection well cleanup
•Conformance control
•Polymer/water flood performance enhancement
•Reduces Interfacial Tension
•Reduces Capillary Pressure
•Increases Load Recovery
•Improves Hydrocarbon Mobility
•Mitigates Damage from Shut-Ins
•Multiplies Benefit of High Quality Proppant
•IOR Benefits for Fluid Mobility AND Conformance Control
•Mitigates Production Decline – Increased EUR


• Barite ore and powder for drilling Mud
• Bentonite for Drilling Mud
• Lost circulation Materials
• Bentonite for Civil work
• Bentonite for other industrial applications with the JV Kasab had with RP Minerals we are to providing high quality Bentonite and Barite for both upstream and downstream sections, the products we provide are:
RP Minerals annual production capacity is:
• Bentonite Plants 240,000 MT
• Barite Plant 140,000 MT